Nobody likes conflict.
Conflict is scary, painful, difficult, and exhausting.
If you think about things like ropes courses, rock climbing, and survival camping:
these things also can be scary, painful, difficult, and exhausting.
Messy, craggy, and dirty, too –
yet these are wonderful, enlightening, and exhilarating!
We push ourselves to get out of our comfort zones for many reasons:
for the physical and emotional thrill,
for the spiritual growth,
for the sheer enjoyment of taking on something difficult
and mastering it.
The same is true for conflict.

In conflict we are forced out of our comfort zones to go through
something that will stretch us in ways we cannot imagine.
Without conflict life might be smooth and easy,
but with it comes opportunity for growth, new understanding,
and depth,
opportunity for release of anger, sadness, and other stresses,
for finding deeper meaning in our daily lives,
for achieving compassion for others that otherwise we might never know,
for experiencing new levels of closeness after going through
an arduous process with a loved one, a colleague – or even a stranger.

Conflict is an essential and unavoidable part of experiencing life to its fullest.
Welcome, Conflict!

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