Mediation is a collaborative process where people in disagreement use a neutral third party to help them discuss their needs and wishes. Sometimes people want to avoid going to court; other times they just need to have to have a productive discussion about a difficult or emotional topic. Through facilitated dialogue, people are better able to make good choices and decisions on their own behalf than if they relinquish control of their matters to others.


There are many benefits to mediating a dispute.

Many people experience:

  • Reduction in stress. People feel happier and more productive at work and at home.

  • Financial savings. People generally spend considerably less money than in litigation.

  • Quicker resolution. People are pleased to move on to other parts of their lives.

  • Freedom to discuss a variety of
    Mediation is the time to have your say about what you feel is
    important. This may not be the case with a judge and sometimes with

  • Increased confidentiality. Your private matters remain private when you utilize mediation.

  • Better shelter for children and other family members from dispute process.

  • Better adherence to final
    People generally follow through on agreements made in mediation because they actually make the
    decisions themselves (as opposed to being told what to do by a judge).

  • Better cooperation in future
    Working collaboratively often promotes enough healing
    between individuals that they will have better
    future dealings with each other.



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