Welcome to the READERS’ FORUM for
How & Why to Welcome Conflict

The READERS’ FORUM is a place to share stories, ideas, struggles, successes, etc. as we are working on integrating The Tell Me More Gesture into our conflict interactions. 

In order to enter the forum, you must have a copy of the book. Please send an email to me at with a selfie or other photo of you with the book 🙂 or a sales receipt, just to let me know that you did indeed buy or receive the book in some way.

The intention is to include people who are actually reading the book and to avoid people who are not reading it but just commenting, thinking they already know what the book contains, or maybe they are just spammy or a robot or something. Anyhow, just send me a photo and I’ll get right back to you with directions for entering the forum. Please know I won’t use your photo (unless I ask for permission).

So to recap:

  1. You must have a copy of the book.
  2. Email me a pic of you with the book (or a receipt for the book).
  3. I will email you back with instructions for entering the
    Readers’ Forum.

I look forward to working with you.



Profile of young woman intently reading The Tell Me More Gesture: How & Why to Welcome Conflict